Toy Story Soldiers

Put your foot soldiers, snipers, cavalry, and fighter pilots to the test in Toy Soldiers. In this action-packed strategy-based game, players command antique WWI toy soldiers vying for control of the trench-filled battlefields of Europe. Deploy an exciting arsenal such as tanks, cavalry, biplanes, and flamethrowers in vintage WWI toy dioramas. Developed by Signal Studios exclusively for Xbox 360, Toy Soldiers allows you to take control of individual units or control the entire battlefield from a strategic view. Integrating multiple game genres and world-class visuals, Toy Soldiers is a unique and action-packed entertainment experience!

Release Date: March 3, 2010


T for Teen: Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Violence

Thinkway Toy Story Bucket o Soldiers
Toy (Thinkway)
  • Toy Story Bucket of Soldiers
  • Contains 72 green plastic soldiers in variety of poses
  • Scaled to 12" Buzz lightyear
  • Working plastic parachutes
  • Film accurate
2003-06-11 21:41:50 by sd_local

Little Soldiers or Toy story

Im right on one of those huh?
I'll find out tomorrow if I was and post another. let me know when you get bored with this maybe we can switch it to tv trivia or music or something else.
As far as reging, i was anon for a long time before I made a couple of handle choices and stuck with this one. It really is kinda entertaining once you get comfy in there. Its not for everyone though, the content, the pov's and the discussions(or lack there of) has no form. So every new person can bring an entire new flavor to it. Im a rather simple minded guy so its right up my alley.
til manana

Toy, artwork exhibit underway at Middlebury museum  — Goshen News
The Isabelle Miller family collection includes steel-stamped toy soldiers from the World War I era and a Bye Lo doll, the first realistic baby doll made in the United States.

Fun Express Classic Toy Solders (144 PCS)
Toy (Fun Express)
  • 144 Toy Soldiers in a sealed bag - No fading
  • rich green color no shade variation.
  • Approx. 1.75" each soldier
  • Assorted combat positions
  • Hours of kid fun!
Mattel Toy Story Sarge's Helicopter
Toy (Mattel)
  • Toy Story Sarge's Chopper Playset from Mattel
  • Features spinning Propellor and Retractable Claw and includes 3 Green Army Men!!
  • Chopper 30cm Long, green Army Men 3.5cm Tall
  • Press the Trigger for English Phrases, Hold the Trigger for Helicopter Sounds!!
  • For Ages 3+ Years / Requires 3 x LR44 Batteries (Included For Demo)
LEGO LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol (7595)
Toy (LEGO)
  • Includes four minifigures: One carrying a gun, one doctor with a medical case, one with a metal detector, and one with a walky-talky and back pack
  • Includes a buildable green army jeep
  • A medical stretcher is also included
  • Great addition to other Toy Story sets
  • Contains 90 pieces
Takara Tomy Disney Toy Story Toy Story Collection Bucket of Soldiers
Toy (Takara Tomy)
  • safety standards: ST Mark
  • target Gender: boy
  • Age: at the age of 4

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