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Founded in 1985 by Bob Fisher, The Old Toy Soldier Home in Vista, CA is unquestionably one of the finest toy soldier stores outside of Britain. With some 15, 000 military figurines on display from all the major manufacturers, this small store has enough to overwhelm the most experienced collector. Admire the detail and color of the hand-painted soldiers that fill every square inch of the store. Many of the figurines are arranged in various historical battle settings on dioramas. One can view a variety of pieces that cover over two thousand years of military history: the Romans fighting the barbarians at Tutenberg Wald, Medieval knights battling at Agincourt, Napoleon's last stand at Waterloo, Union and Confederate troops fighting at Antietam, British defenders holding back the Zulu impetus at Isandlwana, and Montgomery dueling with Rommel's Afrika Corps at El Alamein. I have been visiting and shopping at the Old Toy Soldier Home since the late '80s. For a collector this store is a dream, taking you back to your childhood again and again.

Dreamworks Small Soldiers "Brick Bazooka"
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2009-04-28 16:46:13 by dawggirl1

Yeah, all those pics of soldiers giving Iraqi

children toys and candy are fake! Soon as the picture is taken the soldier yanks the sucker right out of the kid's mouth and eats it himself! Bastard! It's true. I read it on the internet.
There are a bunch of videos of Iraqi children dancing with soldiers. Those dirty media people made them do it. Just look at those phony little kids acting like they're having fun!
Notice the little girls aren't wearing the head scarf!

Bashar al-Assad's young son dares US to attack Syria in Facebook rant [PHOTO]  — Daily Caller
“They may have the best army in the world, maybe the best airplanes, ships and tanks than ours, but soldiers?” Hafez allegedly wrote in a post with “V for victory” emoticons. “No has soldiers like we do in Syria… America doesn't have soldiers, what is ..

dreamworks Small Soldiers : Archer Action Figure
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