Lyrics to Toy Soldiers


"Toy Soldier" [Intro]
Yeah smash on the radio, bet I penned it!
Britney (break me off) [repeats]
Oh, toy soldier [repeats][Verse 1]
I'm out the door, it's automatic, simple babe (why you wanna do that to me?)
I'm like a fire, bottle busting in your face (why you wanna do that to me?)
So tired of you being up in my space (what you gonna do with that?)
How much more could I take?
I'm tired of privates driving, need a general that ain't weak...

[B Section:]
When I shut the door leaving with my bag, hit the scene in my new wag
Bet he gonna wish he knew the type of fun I'm getting into,
Peek a boo, he good...doing things you wish, you wish you could,
He's not talking, he's just walking like them city boys from New York

This time I need a soldier, a really bad ass soldier
That know how to take, take care of me
I'm so damn glad that's over
This time I need a soldier, I'm sick of toy soldiers
(I need ....I'm so sick of...toy soldiers...)
A boy that knows how to take care of me,
Won't be just coming over...

I don't want no more (break me off) [repeats]
Oh, toy soldier [repeats]
I'm simply sick and tired of those...
I don't want no more,
I'm simply sick and tired of those...

[Verse 2]
I want it more than ever now,
I realized that they ain't listening,
Like a princess supposed to get it
That's why I'm dusting off my fitted,
Coming back looking delicious,
Yes I know they wanna kiss me,
Now I hold them at attention,
'Cause new Britney's on a mission...

[B Section]


[Talk break]

Brit, I heard that he was saying he's still in love with you, and
Brit, I heard he said he could stay if he wanted to, and
Brit, I heard every man out here is wanting you now
Brit, I heard, I heard, what you gonna do now?


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Writer(s): Sean Garrett, Magnus Wallbert
Copyright: Hitco Music, Team S Dot Publishing, Andersson AB

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2012-08-26 13:39:09 by momandgram

It is sad, isn't it?

To sit and tear down someone, call them a bitch, tell them you don't "like" them, when in fact, you don't "know" them at all. You just don't "like" their opinions and how they express them.
Sadder yet, is the fact that yes, I may be outspoken in my views but no more so then some others on here. Especially the one who called me a vile bitch. I would call out the other who keeps making remarks..but it's rather hard when they are nothing but a gray.
I guess we are suppose to be like little toy soldiers, marching in line..agreeing with the orders of the commander..never speaking our own minds

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