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Parris Toy Guns Your kids will enjoy this wooden Civil War era toy musket for years to come. Whether your fighting for the North or the South in your backyard battle, this musket will be sure to help you hold your position...just remember to keep your powder dry boys! The JM Cremp's kids have a few of these wooden toy guns around the house with the paint worn off and bruised and battered, but they think the guns are more cool now then when they were new. We have been impressed with the longevity these wooden muskets have.

This Civil War Musket toy gun is made of solid 1-piece wood stock with metal and plastic parts. Don't forget to order ammunition! Fires single shot caps

Product not available to residents of NY or CA.

Guamanian Productions Halo 4 Gun Game
Mobile Application (Guamanian Productions)
  • Randomized questions, meaning no play through shall be the same!
  • Random answer patterns
  • Every weapon sound from the game
  • Scoring/Time limit system
2005-04-29 23:40:01 by sarsapolis6

What do you find to be the most difficult things

About animating? Forget getting an actual job or applying to a school..I'm only talking about the act of animating a character.
What's the most challenging thing to learn/master?
My friends and I saw a whole range of animated DVDs tonight..from Gundam to South Park to Family Guy, and no matter how simple or complex the animation was, I personally find that it's not that easy to create the different movements that involves a character. I could apply the "squash and stretch" method to a single, circular object, but to a human face? Hard..
Does anyone use Flash to animate characters? When I interned at a company I used to think "well Flash makes it way easier to animate

Bungie: Destiny will have "very long" life cycle  — GameSpot
Bungie COO Pete Parsons recently said that the game has the potential to surpass the impact of Halo and sit on people's shelves next to franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

McFarlane Toys McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Series 1 - Storm Grunt with Plasma Pistol Action Figure
Toy (McFarlane Toys)
  • Re-designed Halo 4 figure is orange
  • Figure includes a Plasma Pistol
  • Features all new look for methane rebreather

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