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Hello!! Thanks for your interest in this guide.

Our objective is to help those who just found a lot of star wars action figures in their closet and haven't quite figured out how to sell them, also helpful for newbies interested in getting started in this area and for expert collectors who want to sell a part of their collection.

You stumbled on a star wars action figure collection and you've heard you can put your kids through college selling these items on eBay. Unless they're boxed and in terrific condition, this is highly improbable. I'm sorry to disappoint you, however, you can still make a sweet deal out of this.


First thing is first you probably can't make much money if you don't know what you have on your hands. So I'm going to ask you to Google Wikipedia, free internet encyclopedia, open it on a new browser, select English language and search for "Kenner Star Wars Action Figures".

In return you'll be getting some information and the complete list of action figures sold by Kenner. This will help you get acquainted with:

  • Character names
  • Debut Package Card (The name of the collection they belong to)
  • Debut year (Year released).


Now I know what you're thinking... and how will I know which is which? This is the easiest part, go to ebay and type the names and Released Years of each action figure. Almost no one sells one of these without a picture.

Make sure you check two or more listings to see what accessories go with each figure. Again, check two or more listings, remember people make mistakes, you don't want to repeat their mistakes and swap accessories between your action figures.


I would recommend laying your items down on a table, ordering them sequentially with your Wikipedia List, this way you won't have to memorize the names of all the characters and collections to which they belong.

If you have two of the same kind you would probably use some sort or paper mark to label them with number 1, 2, 3...etc. This will help you when you list your items to identify correct pictures etc. You would want to use pictures that belong to each action figure in your listings to avoid problems with your customers.



You don't want to sell excessively soiled items, trust me. People don't buy them because they can hide unwanted marks such as scratches, or it might make them look less worthy of the price your asking for them.

  1. Get a deep bowl
  2. Fill it with hot, but not burning water, really hot water damages the action figures.
  3. Pour liquid hand soap (soft) into the bowl.
  4. Soak your items for 30 minutes. DO NOT SOAK GARMENTS OR STICKERS.
  5. Use a soft tooth brush to scrub them, it will take a few seconds to remove excessive dirt.
  6. Blow dry them with cool air.

Beyblade Beyblade Shogun Steel BeyWarriors BW-01 Samurai Ifrit Battler
Toy (Beyblade)
  • Customize and collect with the BeyWarriors battlers
  • Samurai Ifrit BW-01 is a Speed Attack battler
  • Battler has a Samurai Warrior Weapon
  • Change Warrior Weapon position for different battle action
  • Switch Warrior Weapons and Shogun Tips among your BeyWarriors Battlers (other ... sold separately) to see how different combinations change the way they battle
2007-07-16 08:38:03 by SisterMary

Did you read that Walmart is going to start

Selling Jesus action figures?
It makes me wonder about the "sacredness" of the religious belief that has a child playing with a figure of the "god."
What sort of play will the child have with it? Eventually it winds up all battered, beaten up and relegated to the bottom of the toybox? Alongside the Batman figures and Star Wars figures, etc?
Hmmm, making religion something eventually relegated to the bottom of the childhood toybox..."Painted wings and giants rings, make way for other toys..."
I'm OK with that. Does the Jesus action figure come with th

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