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For those of you that have been anxiously awaiting the release of this giant-sized Transformer, the day has arrived. He measures over 2′ tall and transforms into city and battle station modes, includes a transforming Scamper and is priced at $109.99. TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2013 DELUXE SERIES 03 – CASE, SET, SINGLES
The Case assortment for this wave includes two each of Trailcutter, Megatron, Orion Pax and Bumblebee Gold Bug, and is listed at $104.99. The Set of 4 includes one of each figure and is listed at $54.99, and singles are available with Bumblebee Gold Bug at $9.99, and Megatron and Orion Pax at $16.99 each. TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS 2013 VOYAGER SERIES 04 – CASE, SETS, SINGLES
This Case includes two of newcomer Sandstorm and one each of Blitzwing and Springer, and is priced at $89.99. A Set of Sandstorm, Blitzwing and Springer goes for $69.99, while a Set of Blitzwing and Springer is at $44.99. Singles of the three figures go for $29.99 for Sandstorm, and $27.99 each for Springer and Blitzwing. TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS DELUXE SERIES 05 CASE
This is a great catch-up assortment with figures old and new. It includes one each of Soundwave, Laserback, Bulkhead, Smokescreen, Storm Razor, Ratchet, Prowl and Stealth Bumblebee, and is listed at $114.99. TRANSFORMERS KRE-O KREON MICRO-CHANGER COMBINER SERIES 02 – SET, SINGLES
We have the Defensor and Abominus Micro-Changer Sets in stock, and each is listed at $9.99. We also have the two in an assortment with the Piranacon Set, and this trio is listed at $32.99. TETRA SQUADRON – ALL SEVEN FIGURES
The rest of Impossible Toys’ Tetra Squadron has arrived. We now have Smashor, Prankstor, Boostor, Rebelor, Banshee, Solarblast and Requiem in stock, priced at $49.99 each. STAR WARS 2013 3.75″ BLACK SERIES 01 – CASE, SET, SINGLES
The first 3.75″ Black figure wave has arrived. The Case includes two each of Episode VI Biker Scout, Episode II Anakin Skywalker, Episode IV Biggs Darklighter and Episode V Darth Vader, and one each of Episode III Clone Pilot, Episode IV Luke Skywalker, Episode II Clone Trooper Sergeant and Episode II Padme Amidala, and is listed at $114.99. The Set of 8 includes one each of the figures in the case and is priced at $89.99, and we also have Episode VI Biker Scout, Episode II Anakin Skywalker, Episode IV Biggs Darklighter and Episode V Darth Vader each listed singly at $9.99. STAR WARS 2013 6″ BLACK SERIES 01 – SET, SINGLES
The 6″ Black figures in this first assortment include Darth Maul, R2-D2, Sandtrooper and Luke Skywalker, and they are available at $79.99 for the Set of 4, or singly at $19.99 for Luke or $22.99 each for Darth maul and R2-D2. MARVEL LEGENDS 2013 SERIES 02 – CASE, SET, SINGLES
This new Case assortment includes two of Scarlet Spider, and one each of Jean Grey, Black Panther, Wrecker, Hawkeye, Punisher (this shipment came with the red skull shirt from Thunderbolts) and Ultimates Captain America; the Case is listed at $124.99. We also have the new figures as a Set of 5 (Scarlet Spider, Jean Grey, Black Panther, Wrecker, Hawkeye) as a Set of 5 for $99.99, and singles are in stock of Scarlet Spider, Ultimates Captain America and Punisher. The Case and Set will each come with the pieces to form the Rocket Raccoon Build-A-Figure. DC INJUSTICE TWO-PACKS – NIGHTWING & SUPERMAN, AQUAMAN & BLACK ADAM
The Man of Steel is paired with Batman’s protege, and the King of the Seven Seas is packed with Shazam’s nemesis Teth-Adam in these new two-packs. Each figure stands about 3.75″ tall give or take, and each Two-Pack is priced at $26.99, saving you $3 off of the MSRP. ARKHAM CITY SOLOMON GRUNDY FIGURE
This monstrous zombie stands about 13″ tall and is ready to squash the puny Batman and his allies. He features a removable heart and chest and is listed at $79.99, $10 off of the MSRP. BREAKING BAD 6″ WALTER WHITE – HEISENBERG ACTION FIGURE
This figure shows Walter in his alter ego of Heisenberg. He comes with accessories like a removable hat, removable glasses, a bag of money and a bag of blue crystals, and is listed at $16.99, $1 off the MSRP. ALIENS 7″ FIGURE “GENOCIDE” TWO-PACK
This two-pack includes both black and red Xenomorphs, representing the Aliens Civil War. They stand over 9″ tall with 30+ points of articulation and decorations only found in this set, and the set of two is listed at $36.99, saving you $5 off of the MSRP. SDCC 2013 EXCLUSIVE 7″ AZOG
This figure from the Hobbit movie is limited to 2500 pieces and comes with alternate hands and weapons. it is listed at $59.99. “MAN OF STEEL” MOVIE MASTERS – SUPERMAN, BLACK SUIT SUPERMAN
Another shipment of “Man of Steel” Movie Masters has arrived. We have stock available of the regular and Black Suit versions of Superman, and each is listed at $17.99. NARUTO UZUMAKI 1/8 SCALE STATUE
This piece is limited to 1000 pieces and shows Naruto perched atop his toad mentor Gamakichi. It measures 14.37″ tall and is listed at $324.99. “WORLD WAR Z” 6″ FIGURE SERIES 02 SET
The second assortment of figures from the Brad Pitt movie gives us the hero Gerry Lane as well as a Paramedic Zombie. The Set of two is priced at $37.99, $6 off of the MSRP. THUNDERCATS MINIMATES RESTOCK – SERIES 02, 03
Two of the popular Thundercats Minimates Box Sets are back in stock. The Series 02 Box Set includes the four Evil Mutants, While Series 03 includes Tygra, Cheetara, Wilykat and Wilykit. Series 02 is listed at $19.99, and Series 03 is listed at $21.99. BATMAN RETRO 8″ FIGURE CARRYING CASES
Figures Toy Company gives you four designs to choose from when getting one of these carrying cases for your figures. We have Full Body Comic Art, Figures on Case, TV Series images and Comic Art Heads Burst, and each is listed at $49.99.

Hot Toys Star Wars Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure Commander Bacara
Toy (Hot Toys)
  • Articulated Armored Body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Detailed Fabric Bodysuit
  • Highly Detailed Full Body Armor Set with Revised Shoulder Pauldron
  • Modified Phase II Helmet
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