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In her first months, before she learns to grasp objects or sit up, your baby will most appreciate things she can look at and listen to. Her vision will be fuzzy at first and she'll fix on things that are about eight to 15 inches from her eyes, though in the first month she'll only be able to see clearly to about 12 inches. She's drawn to the human face — and can recognize yours at about 1 month — but she will also enjoy large pictures of faces.

High-contrast patterns and bright colors captivate her because they're the easiest for her to see. She's already learned to appreciate sounds and soft music. (Find out the lyrics to all your favorite lullabies.) Objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound are far more interesting to her than those that are fixed and silent.

Hand-held toys: Her nearsightedness makes her appreciate anything you can move into her line of sight. She won't be able to hold toys for a while, but she'll demonstrate her preferences by batting at the ones she likes.

MP3 player or music box: Music is one of the best ways to entertain and soothe your infant. Play a variety of music — nothing too raucous — and see how she responds. For more ideas, see our musical recommendations for this age group.

Mobile: A mobile can add a new dimension to a baby's horizontal view of life. Look for ones with high-contrast colors and patterns. Many babies are particularly fond of mobiles that play music. For safety's sake, keep the mobile out of your baby's reach. Mobiles are a strangulation hazard, so don't attach one to or hang one directly over her crib. Instead, hang the mobile from the ceiling just within your baby's line of sight.

Unbreakable mirror: Although they won't realize it's themselves they're seeing at this stage, babies find their own reflection fascinating. And by 3 months old, yours may have struck up a relationship with hers, and begun smiling at it. Look for a mirror you can hang near a changing table or stand up in front of your baby during tummy time.

Soft books with high-contrast patterns: Soft books with easy-to-see patterns or decorations are designed just for babies. Lie down next to her so she can watch you turn the pages as you read aloud to her — even at this age it pays off. For more ideas, see our recommended books for newborns.

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Community Calendar: Aug. 13  — Ames Tribune
The library will provide toys for babies to play with while socializing. Play dates also are from 1 to 2 p.m. every Tuesday. For more information, call the library's youth services desk at (515) 239-5644. Aug. 15. Golden K Kiwanis.

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