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When toy shopping, follow the manufacturer's age recommendations displayed on the package. Although you might think that a more "advanced" toy will present a welcome challenge, in reality, it could be a source of frustration if it surpasses your baby's current stage of development. Age grading relates to the safety of the toy as well as its play value.

Consider the classics, such as stackable plastic "doughnuts, " shape sorters, building blocks, and interlocking plastic oversized beads for very young children. There's a reason that they've been around so long.

For more clues about what toys your child might like, take note of what toys he or she gravitates to on play dates and/or at day care.

Shop around. Browse stores, catalogs, and Web sites for other ideas. Also, ask for suggestions from parents who have children of similar ages.

Check the federal Government's recall Web site, to see whether the toys in your home--or toys you plan to buy--have been recalled. Even better, sign up for free e-mail notices of future recalls at the Consumer Product Safety Commission Web site, Keeping up-to-date can help prevent you from buying a recalled toy and remedy the situation if you bought a toy that has been recalled.

Regardless of your child's age, don't buy toys with small magnets, even if they seem safely contained within the toy. If the toy breaks and the magnets fall out, they could be accidentally swallowed and cause intestinal damage.

Cheap, poorly constructed toys are no bargain. Flimsy plastic toys--the kind sometimes sold in drugstores, airports, and dollar stores--often have dangerous sharp edges or small parts that can break off easily.

Used toys, especially solid, molded-plastic ones, can be a great buy. But as you would with new toys, check before shopping. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and yard and garage sales often have toys in excellent condition. But carefully check every toy to see that it's well made and safe, with no parts that could break loose and no magnets, which have proven dangerous for children as old as 11. Wash any secondhand toy before giving it to your child. Babies experience much of their world through sucking, so expect that most toys will go straight to their mouths.

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It depends on the age of the child

For a child under 5, 400 dollars a month wont even cover daycare cost so you could even get a job- let alone food, diapers, clothes, toys, meds/doctors, and all the other things babies and toddlers need... So unless the father has more important things to focus on rather than his child, he should be more than willing to contribute more... unless he is like most men and really think you are going to toss your baby in some dump and do some wild shopping spree with a whole 400 dollars a month b/c they would rather spend their money on booze and tramps and think that 400$ a month is enough to make them feel like a real dad

HK$6 million: Perfect nursery  — South China Morning Post
Croft draws on the brand's experience in designing royal nurseries and creates a beautifully decorated space, while Godfrey Chan from Tacko Solutions fits it out with the latest technology to keep baby and parents comfortable and safe. "It's exciting ..

Fisher Price Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks
Toy (Fisher Price)
  • Baby can sort and stack and learn to identify and match shapes
  • Shape-sorting lid and 5 different shapes help build early identification skills
  • 10 colorful blocks are easy to grasp, hold and store inside bucket
  • Carry handle for take-along fun
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
Green Toys Green Toys Race Car, Pink
Toy (Green Toys)
  • Buckle up, because the Green Toys Race Car is ready to roll
  • Built in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • This cool hot rod is better than any hybrid and proudly displays the #2 recycled plastic symbol from which it is made on its hood
  • The ultra-eco design has no metal axles
  • No BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings

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