Baby Riding Toys

2007-02-03 06:58:33 by Velusia

Pitbulls and Babies

Oiy I feel your pain! We have a pitbull and I'm 8 months pregnant. I think at least once a week I get a phone call from a concerned relative about how we should get rid of our dog because he's going to: a) eat the baby (because dog food doesn't come in baby flavored) b) use the baby as a toy (because the basketball, baseball, tennis ball, 4000 squeaky toys, ropes, stupid plastic tire that i find all over my floor every morning, bones, and treats we provide him aren't good enough) c) kill us all while we're sleeping (pitbulls do that...) d) all of the above
Now, if they would only come over and get to know my squishy pitbull they'd be in another world

A Little Baby Miracle  — The Baylor Lariat
Aztec was born on May 31 at Cameron Park Zoo, and is considered a miracle baby because of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding his birth. Cameron Park zookeeper John Abernathy said part of the reason ..

Step2 Step2 Push Around Buggy (Red)
Toy (Step2)
  • Steering wheel with honking horn
  • Storage space under the hood
  • Seat belt holds children in place
  • Removable handle allows for easy transport

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